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A network of companies dedicated to people who love sports.

Oxylane brings together two different activities:
  • Design and production of sporting goods
  • Direct retail to customers

These two areas of expertise, along with all our brands, are united behind a common purpose: to create desirability and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all. From the original chain named Decathlon, created in 1976 near Lille in northern France, Oxylane Group is now present in 25 countries, with 50,000 employees of 60 nationalities.\

Quality Production Leader - Intern (bắt đầu từ 15/8) dành cho các bạn năm cuối hoặc Fresh.

Quality Production Leader và Development and Industrialization Leader (Product Developer - Footwear) dành cho các anh chị có kinh nghiệm. 

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