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Tuyển dụng - Oxylane

Welcome to Oxylane: a network of companies dedicated to people who love SPORT. Its original chain, Decathlon, was created in  1976, France.  Oxylane brings together two different activities: creating international sport products & local and on-line retail. Our presence in Vietnam, currently under the name Decathlon Vietnam, since 1994, specializing in sport equipment production. Oxylane is committed to training its employees and developing their skills. A career in our company is always linked to your aptitudes & your enthusiasm. “Satisfied employees” is our intention that runs through all HR policies.

Due to our business expansion, we are in high need of Production Leader in Supply, Quality, and Industrialization. To discover us more in Vietnam, you can visit www.oxylane.vn or www.oxylane.com for  interesting information.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oxylane.vietnam

Linkedin:   www.linkedin.com/in/oxylanevietnam


1. Production Leader – Quality

2. Produciton Leader – Development & Industrialization (Product Developer)

3. Production Leader – Supply

4. Lab Test Leader


1. Production Leader – Quality

• You source, select and manage Suppliers.

• You develop and industrialize new products with a clear development plan.

• You master and optimize product costs.

• You evaluate and ensure the quality of products and systems at your suppliers.

• You accelerate continuous improvement projects with your suppliers to make progress in their performance (quality, safety, environment, toxicology) and social compliance to ensure sustainable development in production

• You are responsible for a regular control plan and ensure the process applied to production lines.


2. Produciton Leader – Development & Industrialization

• You coordinate the development and industrialization of the project plan.

• You are responsible for the manufacturing of the prototypes and you participate in the setting up of the technical file.

• You optimize the development cost of your products.

• You implement the industrialization process to ensure the mass production.

• You ensure the product quality in mass production conditions.

• You ensure and optimize the manufacturing organization.

• You manage the continuous improvement on your activity.


3. Production Leader – Supply

 • You plan your orders and forecasts to ensure the models availability (finished goods + components).

• You obtain the best possible lead-time and price

• You ensure a reliable data price/cost and lead-time referencing of your products

• You manage and optimize components stock supply and ensure a reliable stock.

• You manage the capacity and production plan of your suppliers

• You pilot the activity: turnover, margin, performance

• You manage the continuous improvement of supply performances.


4. Lab Test Leader

• You work closely with Head-quarter Labs (Shoes & Textiles) in France to launch new test methods in Vietnam.

• You ensure Lab quality system & technique correctly applied.

• You widen the Lab network in Vietnam: Oxylane lab – Supplier labs – External labs.

• You support external & supplier Labs and manage them via visits, trainings, audits, CAP following-up, correlation tests.

• You manage the continuous improvement in lab with suppliers (5S, risk analysis, lab security, etc.).

• You do Lab monthly & quarterly reports to production teams & Head-Quarter Labs.



• You graduate from Technology Universities (with majors linked to production, mechanicals, chemistry, engineering) or Economic Universities (with majors linked to foreign trade, business administration, commercial...)

• You practice sport.

• You are excellent in English. Speaking French is an advantage.

• You are familiar with production management / environment.

• You like taking decision and you have sense of responsibility.

• You are a good communicator and a team player.

• You are mobile nationally and internationally.



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